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Menu - Rochester High Street

Birchall Teas

East Africa's Finest Tea

Red berry and flower - £2.40
fruity and refreshing. caffeine free

organic red bush - £2.40

Green tea and peach - £2.40
floral and cleansing

lemongrass and ginger - £2.40
lively and spicy. caffeine free

green tea - £2.40
purifying and restorative

peppermint - £2.40
fresh and invigorating. caffeine free

camomile - £2.40
soothing and delicate. caffeine free

viRunga earl grey - £2.40
single estate finest tea


peruvian cajamarca. beautiful body, hints of zest with a soft cocoa finish.

cappucino - £2.30
full-bodied espresso with steamed and foamed milk, dusted with chocolate

Latte - £2.30
Espresso with steamed milk topped with a little foam

Flat white - £2.40
a double shot of espresso topped with smooth velvety milk

americano - £2.40
espresso blended with hot water, served black with warm or cold milk

Espresso - £1.80
for the coffee connoisseur, served black with an intense flavour and aroma

Macchiato - £2.10
espresso topped with velvety milk foam

mocha - £2.60
full bodied espresso with foamed milk, infused with milk chocolate

Hot chocolate

gourmet rich chocolate - £2.50
milk or white blended with hot milk

try a luxury version with whipped cream, mini marshmallows and chocolate shavings.


traditional - £3.15

luxury - £3.50

Variety of flavours daily including gluten free options

cream tea

Homemade fruit or plain scone with clotted cream and jam - £3.50

(including virunga afternoon tea - £5.60)

croissants and pastries

fresh selections daily - from £2.00

savoury options

Cheese scone - £2.95

Croissant with ham and cheese - £3.95

mansized sausage rolls

unique artisan savoury option
variety of flavour options served with salad garnish

whole portion - £6.50
half portion - £4.50